Learning Korean

Hi everyone! It’s Sunflower and guess what? It’s my first post here in wordpress~

I’m not really used to blogs because I’d rather scribble or write things on my diary or my notebooks. (I’m like TT)

Anyways! I made this site to ‘monitor’ my improvements in learning Korean language.

I would also recommend the books, pdf, blogs, apps & Youtube channels from time to time so stay tuned. I will personally write a review about my recommendations! So stay tuned and if you’re also learning please don’t be shy to approach me 🙂

P.S. If you see anything wrong in my ‘lessons’ or ‘experience’ that I’ll share here please feel free to correct me anytime!

If you’re curious I’ll share things about me:

• I’m Sunflower and you can call me Sunny!

• 1998 line

• I am a KPOPstan! (fandoms: EXO-L & Carat!)

• I met BTS, EXO and SEVENTEEN and it was ❤

• Bias? Sehun & Vernon ♥ OTPS: Hunhan & JiHan

• I believe that KDrama is life!

• I make fan arts sometimes *see featured image* (but I’m still learning) &

• I started learning Korean language after I met Koreans in my school, they took care of me and taught me some basic words and soon I fell inlove with KPOP and KDramas.

Please take good care of me *bows*

2 thoughts on “Learning Korean

  1. EYPUHREEL says:

    Indeed kdrama is life! Haha i tried learning korean too. And what ive learned is that you have to be constant in learning. You cant just learn for a month, then stop, then learn again. I stopped, and now I forgot everything i learned looool anyways, best of luck ! ❤

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